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Me and Peter Brown at 1983 Beatlefest

From a March 1, 2005 post on mrbrianepstein:
I innocently had Mr Brown sign his book for me at the 1983 Beatlefest in Chicago Collapse )
I actually took what he wrote at face value, gullible feeb that I was (still am, sometimes).

At that time I had no idea that he betrayed the good faith of all the Beatles and their families and friends, but even worse, did the same to poor Queenie Epstein, who opened her heart to him at the time of the interviews, and who, according to Alistair Taylor, ended up having to be hospitalized when the book came out. He had told everybody that he was simply writing a book about the swinging 60's and not a scandalous partly dreamed up tell-all about Brian and the Beatles.

His book is very entertaining and technically well-written, but it also was the first book to "out" Brian Epstein ... and not in an honest way. His book set the public's view of  Brian as a flouncing, pouncing gay paranoid depressive. Much innuendo and guessing, written as fact, as though Brown were standing right there in a lot of these scenarios. He made Brian look like a spoiled Little Lord Fauntleroy. (In fact, he used that very name in the book to describe his "friend" Brian at one point!)