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AUGUST 27, 1967

24 Chapel Street, Belgravia, London August 27, 1967

As a reply to someone's question on my
(now mostly disabled) Fifth Beatle Movie Forum,
I explained why Brian Epstein did not mean to kill himself.
I think I've given him a number of excellent reasons.

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What really gets me is, sooo many people assume it was deliberate. You find it on the web all the time. I want to find all the sites that spread that faulty myth and shut them down list them.

Heck, I even find eBay sales where they use the s-word (suicide) when describing him. A couple times I corrected them nicely, and got smartass replies. I guess spouting tawdriness will sell their Beatles/Brian item better. It also spreads the lie further.

Usenet/newsgroups are famous for spreading this rumour. Especially the trolls. They get the clueless people to believe it.

Most of the non-internet public who are ignorant/don't care about Beatles — I'm talking the few Beatles-clueless people who actually know who Brian was —are always under the impression he offed himself.

General consensus can include any or a mixture of the following: He killed himself because he was an embarrassment, because he was a poofter, the Beatles were firing him, or at least leaving him behind by not renewing their contract, because they found out he "stupidly bungled their business affairs and lost them millions" — worse, he "cheated them out of millions with shady deals and taking too much percentage-wise," he was about to be "exposed" for "everything he was" by former rent boys and the like, he was so depressed by the death of his father, he was a lucky spoiled Little Lord Fauntleroy and a fraud — and before being totally humiliated it was time to end it all. Other theories include murder: by people he devastated by his bad business deals, murder or accident by sex play, etc. ...although how in hell they could have gotten by his house staff and locked his doors from the inside before disappearing nobody cares to explain.

I've ranted on too much again! This subject can get me going full crank.

The worse possible spread of the lie was done by A&E. Bastards.