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A Warehouse Disturbs Completely

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A Warehouse Disturbs Completely

Original English Text:
A Cellar Full of Noise

Translated to French: Une cave complètement de bruit

Translated back to English:
A cellar completely of noise

Translated to German: Ein Keller vollständig der Geräusche

Translated back to English:
A cellar completely the noises

Translated to Italian: Una cantina completamente i disturbi

Translated back to English:
A wine cellar completely disturbs

Translated to Portuguese: Uma adega de vinho perturba completamente

Translated back to English:
A wine cellar disturbs full

Translated to Spanish: Una bodega disturba por completo

Translated back to English:
A warehouse disturbs completely

What!? You don't remember
Brian Epstein's autobiography,
A Warehouse Disturbs Completely?

For those of you who weren't with me in 2005, the original post is { HERE }

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Me and Peter Brown at 1983 Beatlefest

From a March 1, 2005 post on mrbrianepstein:
I innocently had Mr Brown sign his book for me at the 1983 Beatlefest in Chicago Collapse )
I actually took what he wrote at face value, gullible feeb that I was (still am, sometimes).

At that time I had no idea that he betrayed the good faith of all the Beatles and their families and friends, but even worse, did the same to poor Queenie Epstein, who opened her heart to him at the time of the interviews, and who, according to Alistair Taylor, ended up having to be hospitalized when the book came out. He had told everybody that he was simply writing a book about the swinging 60's and not a scandalous partly dreamed up tell-all about Brian and the Beatles.

His book is very entertaining and technically well-written, but it also was the first book to "out" Brian Epstein ... and not in an honest way. His book set the public's view of  Brian as a flouncing, pouncing gay paranoid depressive. Much innuendo and guessing, written as fact, as though Brown were standing right there in a lot of these scenarios. He made Brian look like a spoiled Little Lord Fauntleroy. (In fact, he used that very name in the book to describe his "friend" Brian at one point!)

Excerpt: Disbanding The Band from The Life and Death of the Beatles

from the
April 06, 2006 article
Won’t You Please Help Me?
The life and death of the Beatles.

By Timothy M. Thibodeau

Disbanding the Band
The demise of the Beatles, recounted with mind-numbing detail in the closing chapters of the book, seems less surprising and more inevitable in Spitz's reconstruction. In fact, given the perpetual conflict, chronic drug abuse, and chaos that engulfed the band, we can only wonder how they endured for so long. The Beatles were great songwriters and performers but had no aptitude for the business end of Beatlemania. As Spitz notes, they were the victims of a number of bungled business deals and scams that resulted from the shortcomings of their all-too-distracted manager, Brian Epstein. His grooming of the Beatles when he "discovered" them in the Cavern Club paved the way for unimaginable success.

But Epstein's bumbling through the terra incognita of celebrity of such magnitude was compromised by his own inner turmoil. A life-long homosexual (when such behavior was both scandalous and illegal), Epstein, like Lennon, fell into a downward, inward spiral just as the Beatles phenomenon had hit a dramatic crescendo. His own self-destructive and hedonistic behavior, which paralleled Lennon's, culminated in death by a drug overdose at the age of 32. If only he had found the equivalent of a Yoko Ono to pull him back from the abyss.

The Beatles never recovered from their manager's death. As Lennon later declared, when Brian died, "I knew we'd had it." Their brilliant producer, George Martin, continued to work his magic in the studio with the band members (his magnificent production of Abbey Road is perhaps his greatest achievement), but he invested little emotional or spiritual capital in his personal relationship with them. He clearly admired them as musicians but not as people. In aggressively attempting to fill the gaping hole left by the loss of Brian, Paul only generated more strife among the band members. Critics panned his disastrous television project, Magical Mystery Tour, and another of his ill-fated schemes, the movie Let it Be, unwittingly became an embarrassing archive of the band's demise. Even Paul admitted, years later, that he had crafted the "Beatles' break-up on film."
The sentence that made me almost break out in tears was,
"If only he had found the equivalent of a Yoko Ono to pull him back from the abyss."

The Two Best Brian Epstein Books

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Today in Brian Epstein History:
1964, April 8 -
Brian and Derek Taylor conclude preparatory work
on Brian's autobiography.

My ♥ belongs to primarily two books:
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Here is a photo of maybe 1/4 of my Eppy-related books:
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My copy of The Love You Make was personally autographed by Brian's so-called "friend" Peter Brown, when I met him at the 1983 Chicago Beatlefest — before we knew he was a backstabber.
(Beatlefest ended up banning Peter Brown after they found out about his lying.)

Yes, I even have the trashy ones. Must keep up with what the opposition is throwing at us, ya know!

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