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Gimme a break!

Our "Weird" Eppy ;P

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Image hosted by Photobucket.comOMG, I love this anecdote, even though the writer is dissing him ... I can just see Brian doing this
... and DAMN IT, we could have been there in Chicago, and I could have seen him in person with my own little eyes... but we went to the concert in Detroit the following day instead, and I spent the whole concert looking for him through binoculars with no luck. Heck, I don't think Brian was even AT the Detroit gig because he was nowhere in sight -- and, besides, that was the tour where he was having so much folderol with that Diz Gillespie creep. I read somewhere that he missed more than that one last concert at Candlestick Park -- which would have been the ONE performance he NEVER would have missed, had it not been for Diz.

But I digress. Here's the old story I was referring to:
This post by Tommyrock in the Pete Best Forum:

'Sh*t!'My father met the Beatles and Brian Epstein in Chicago in 1966, during the last tour. Dad was a station manager for WCFL. His initial impression was that the four Beatles were not dark haired but quite BROWN, except for Paul.

Dad's most distinguishing comment was that Brian Epstein was WEIRD. The man was completely obsessed with a Nikon camera he had just bought. He asked my father to show him how the camera worked. My 23 year old father said, "I'm in radio, not cameras."

During the concert that night at the Chicago Ampitheater, dad noticed Brian walking though the orchestra pit just FOCUSING his camera, getting puzzled, and screaming, "SH*T!" Weird.

Meanwhile several thousand girls are screaming at a band they cannot hear.

Too many uppers, Eppers?

Hmmm... so... that was one of his fave words? "SH*T" ...? And just how do you pronounce the * ?
"Huh, dang! ...must be one of them there gay words,
that's all I can figure, Marge!"

BTW...Here's a transcript of one of the press conferences where Lennon answered "bigger than jesus" questions, held the day before the above-referenced concert in the same Chicago Amphitheater where our weird Brian was Nikon-obsessively screaming "SH*T!"

Until the Beatles came along,
many people didn't even know
that Ringo could be a person's name.

True story: when Brian Epstein bought the plane tickets
to bring the Beatles to America, he was told that
"Ringo" had to ride down in luggage with the other pets.