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Brian was a little Jewish kid during the Holocaust

From a June 11, 2005 post on mrbrianepstein:
Brian Epstein as a schoolboy

Since Brian was a child growing up in the WWII years, the threat of the holocaust was very much a part of his life. As layla1188 had pointed out in a previous post on my eppylover Journal, if England had lost the Battle of Britain in 1940, little Brian and family would certainly have suffered the fate of the other Jews in Germany and the countries they conquered. (See our posts of 5/17/05).

I was a young teenager when I started getting into reading Holocaust things in the library ... school really didn't get into it very much; perhaps it was just a little too recent history at that time, or people were too bigoted to care? Or didn't want to stir things up? Or the school board thought we kids were too innocent to expose to such horror? We actually were very sheltered in the 60's, so that might be it! An 18-year-old back then was like a 12-year-old is now, I'm not kidding!!!

However, when my Ma noticed I idolized Brian Epstein (he was still alive), she taught me what she knew about the Jews ... and what she recalled of the Nazis' attempts at extermination, from being a teen herself during the war ... and from there I was somewhat obsessed with researching how Jews were treated at the time Brian was growing up, the war years. Sure wish the internet existed at that time...!!!

I might as well add that I was sad and upset and angry about it all as I read everything, but not taking it personally ... after all, Brian was Jewish, but my brain couldn't visualize that beautiful man and the Nazis at the same time @_@

... well, in the 1970's I happened to see the documentary
The Eighty-First Blow,
(An historical documentary made up of film footage and stills shot by the Nazis;
an award-winning film that deals with the Nazi attempt to annihilate the Jews

... and the movie included a short scene featuring some guys who were always closest to my heart ... Jewish vaudeville/burlesque-type comics ...
performing onstage while some Nazis waited in the wings, filming it all
... as they were wont to do ...

and, as those funny guys exited the stage they were escorted directly into the back of a truck to be taken to a concentration camp.

I lost it. I lost it. I think I was kind of in shock for days afterward.


If you can find them to rent, I highly recommend:

* The TV mini-series Holocaust (1978) starring Meryl Streep, and
* Playing for Time (1980) starring Vanessa Redgrave and based on a true story.

These movies are NOT boring.


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