January 22nd, 2011

Brian hearts George


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1966 ~ Marriage of George and Pattie Boyd, at the Esher Register Office, Surrey.

Brian and Paul are best men.

Evening: Brian throws a party at Chapel Street, in honour of George and Pattie. Guests: Paul, Jane, John, Cynthia, Geoffrey Ellis, Wendy Hanson, George Martin, Judy Martin.

[Below: kissy-kissy news footage of the wedding]


If you're patient and highly observant, you will see Neil, Mal, Tony Barrow and perhaps others in the crowd ~ let me know if you notice anyone else of note, such as Tony Bramwell? Was he there?

(Glimpse of Brian at approximately 2:38) (Longer Brian sequence starts at 5:40)

(This screengrab of Brian goofing for the camera makes me laugh)