christine~ (eppylover) wrote in eppylog,

Sid Bernstein speaks of Brian Epstein

The best (eppy-centric) part starts at approx. 2:45.

Sid is definitely one of the GOOD Brian Epstein people.

I would, however, prefer to hear things about Brian from Sid that have less to do with business dealings and more with personality and humor.

Obviously, that's not what most people (primarily Beatle fans) want to hear, so old Epstein acquaintences rarely focus on Brian for any length of time, if at all ~ and if they do, the interviewer always changes the subject to those darn Beatles. One glaring example is whenever Pattie Boyd is interviewed and starts talking about Brian, it seems like she wants to expound in depth ~ but is distracted away from it every time, as if the interviewer is bored by it.

What, is christine the only person who would interview people for Eppy content only?
No doubt.
Tags: brian epstein, videos, youtube

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